Botox Therapy for Grown Ups

At Murray Hill Pediatric Dentistry, we perform a lot of Botox treatments. What, Botox for kids? No, no, no. Botox for parents who are suffering from the painful symptoms of TMJ Disorder and bruxism, including headaches, pain and tightness. Botox’s role as a cosmetic procedure often overshadows its therapeutic applications, but we’re here to tell you, it’s a game changer for so many of our beloved grown-ups.


Botox for TMJ / TMD and Bruxism

For TMJ sufferers, a litany of treatments may come up short. Over-the-counter pain medications may be insufficient, mouthguards may not help, and physical therapy can take months to improve symptoms. Botox represents an intervention, a way to press pause on the pain. This can give patients a chance to consider, postpone, or begin more permanent treatment options.

Jaw Lock

Aside from pain and tension, many individuals with TMJ Disorder also experience occasional or frequent jaw lock. A Botox treatment can stop this stressful flare-up in its tracks and help you avoid surgery.


Another common side effect of TMJ Disorder is bruxism, or teeth-grinding. Habitual clenching or grinding of teeth can cause damage to them, not to mention pain. Botox treatments offer temporary relief in the form of limiting muscle function to stop the grinding.

As with headache treatments, patients usually do enjoy a more youthful appearance to their face as the tension from the TMJ is relieved.

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