At Murray Hill Pediatric Dentistry, we use an iTero scanner to capture high-resolution, topographical color scans of your child’s teeth. The x-ray isn’t entirely a thing of the past, but your kiddo won’t have to don the lead vest every year anymore! Not only does this cutting-edge technology keep x-rays at bay, but it also makes a much better image of your child’s teeth. We can use these scans to spot problems, fit Invisalign trays or other orthodontia, and so much more. Pain-free, gag-free, and no goopy impressions!

Quick Comparisons

The iTero scanner we use is a tiny but powerful hand-held wand that captures detailed images of your child’s teeth year after year. Each new scan is compared digitally to the previous ones, and we can begin over the course of a few years to see patterns of growth, wear, or decay.

Naturally, our dentists are highly trained to view dental imaging—be they x-rays or scans—and make keen observations and comparisons. The iTero technology, however, is more perceptive than our eyes could ever be, reflecting changes in mere millimeters from one year to the next and displaying them side-by-side for dentist and patient to observe together.

Easy Impressions

The iTero scan technology allows us to completely forgo gooey impression-making systems for fitting restorations or orthodontia. The topographical images of your child’s teeth we can capture with the iTero intraoral scanner are so accurate, they can be used to customize Invisalign trays, crowns, or mouthguards.

Make your child an appointment today to see how iTero scans can make their dental experience comfortable and easy!

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