Treating Broken Teeth

It may not be a parent’s worst nightmare, but it’s up there—a broken tooth. This was not in the parenting manual…because there wasn’t one! Murray Hill Pediatric Dentistry can help. We are your NYC pediatric dentist and broken-tooth authority. Please reach out to us if your child has a broken tooth, or teeth, and we’ll see them ASAP. Here is a bit of info to help ease your mind.

Broken baby teeth are often not serious, but we strongly recommend getting it checked out, because you never can tell whether treatment will be needed. For broken permanent teeth, treatment is needed immediately. If you can locate the part that broke off, please collect it, and bring it with the mouth (and child!) in question to see us at Murray Hill right away.


A damaged front tooth sometimes requires a simple bonding procedure similar to a filling. With a bonding procedure, however, there is no decayed matter removed during the process.


A stainless steel or white zirconia crown may be called for if the broken tooth is beyond repair with a simple bonding procedure. This would apply to permanent teeth as well as baby teeth that aren’t due to fall out naturally for a long time. We’ll discuss with you the pros and cons of the two materials and help you decide which is right for your child.


If a broken tooth can’t reasonably be restored with bonding or a crown, and loss of the tooth won’t create a problem for your kiddo down the line, we may recommend an extraction. A common candidate for extraction is a damaged baby tooth that is due to fall out soon anyway. To help make the procedure as comfortable as possible for your child, we may recommend nitrous oxide and a local anesthetic.

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