Pain Management and Special Needs

Dentistry is never one-size-fits-all, and we always want your child to feel seen, heard, and cared for at Murray Hill Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Jackie and her team are deeply connected with their mission to meet each patient where they are and provide compassionate, comfortable dental care.

Behavioral Support

Many children feel fear about visiting the dentist, and a few profoundly so. Some kiddos are hyperactive or struggle with emotional regulation. Lots of littles have special needs. We have a number of go-to strategies to help children with these circumstances; and all of our dentists have child development and psychology training to help even in more complicated situations. Our staff is well-versed in effective behavioral management techniques. We are here to make your child’s dental experience a good one.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns, behavioral or otherwise, with our staff. We encourage open communication between the doctor, patient, and parent.

Pain Management Dental

Pain Management

Every child is different, and their tolerances for unpleasant or painful experiences vary wildly. Of course, local anesthesia is a normal part of getting a filling, root canal, etc.; but some circumstances may call for sedation.

We can administer nitrous oxide sedation with a mask over the patient’s nose. This works by elevating the nitrogen levels in the body and creating a happy, carefree feeling. It does not put your child to sleep; and once they breathe ambient air again, they’re quickly back to normal. Nitrous oxide is the safest drug that we have in anesthesia and dentistry, and it’s a great choice for children who are experiencing some moderate to mild anxiety about their dental procedure.

General anesthesia may be indicated for children who require a major procedure or are unable to sit for dental treatments due to age, maturity, or special needs. General anesthesia is provided by a team of highly skilled doctors as well as a board-certified anesthesiologist.

Our team will discuss all treatment options with you and make recommendations for the best modality to treat your child while keeping them safe and comfortable. Please ask us about these options if you think your child may benefit.

Habit Counseling

Many children stop using their pacifier or stop sucking thumbs and fingers naturally on their own, but if yours hasn’t and you’re concerned, let’s chat about it! As they get older, those habits may cause them some orthodontic issues, which puts this topic in our wheelhouse! We always begin with gentle and empowering encouragement to help children make great choices. And, in rare cases where these methods don’t help, we can offer custom appliances to support the process.

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